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How do I pay my ticket?

The citation needs to be paid in the county where it was received. The County Clerk of Court may have several locations within that county. Some counties may even give you the ability to pay your citation online. To check for locations and links to pay online, simply use the "Florida Counties" tab on the menu above and select the appropriate county.

What can I do if I've already paid my ticket?

You may or may not be able to change your election to be allowed to take a traffic school class - it depends on the County Clerk's office. Contact them using the links above.

Can I take a class first?

In most cases, yes (not Seminole County) - as long as you still pay the fine and notify the court about traffic school within the first 30 days from the day you received the ticket. If you choose to pay the ticket first, be sure to tell the clerk you want to take a traffic school course. They will give you additional time to return a certificate of completion.

What if I have a CDL (Commercial Driver License)?

Unfortunately, you may not elect traffic school. The only way to take a class is if it's court ordered. Just contact the County Clerk to set up a date.

What if I have more than one ticket?

Traffic school is designed for moving violations that carry points and you may only elect school for one ticket. If you have more than one pointable offense and wish to take multiple classes it must be court ordered. Keep in mind that most seat-belt infractions and vehicle equipment and registration violations carry no points.

How soon will I get my certificate?

For the online class, you will receive it by regular mail unless you choose an email delivery or faster delivery service for an additional fee. For a live class, you will receive your certificate right there at the end of class.

What if I've lost my certificate?

Please contact our offices to have another certificate delivered. There may be a processing fee for this service.