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Whether you are looking for the convenience of an online class or the interaction of our live program, we make traffic school easy and fun.

With all of the changes taking place on our roads and in our cars today, both in size and function, staying informed with the new laws in traffic safety
and learning how to handle the stress it can cause may save your life.


  • Be sure to notify the Clerk of Court where you got the ticket that you wish to complete a traffic school course.
  • Complete our course and get a Certificate of Completion.
  • Return the certificate to the Clerk of Court where you got the ticket by the deadline they gave you. That's it!

Our course helps you in many ways

We understand that you want to keep the points off of your license and you may be trying to maintain a 'safe driver' record, but we have a genuine
interest in building a safer community and making you a more educated driver.

Our course goals include understanding how attitudes affect our driving, safe driving techniques, increasing driver awareness and understanding
the responsiblities of being behind the wheel.

Give us the opportunity and you will be surprised -
traffic school isn't what it used to be!